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$150 is for entry only. Lodging and travel are to be arranged by attendee.
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Veterans and students may enter free of charge (Register Here).
NOTE: We reserve the right to refuse those who are deemed a security threat.

Delegate/Speaker List

Day 1: July 5 Session
9:00 AM – Benediction and National Anthem
9:10 AM – Mr. Larry Klayman Esq. (Florida Delegation) – Introduction and Speech (50 Minutes)
10:00 AM Sheriff Joe Arpaio (Arizona Delegation)
10:20 AM Mr. Pat Boone (California Delegation)
10:40 AM Ari and Ruth Schulovsky Esqs.(Israel)
11:00 AM Mr. Armstrong Williams (Washington, D.C. Delegation)
11:20 AM Dr. Judy Mikovits (California Delegation)
11:35 AM Ms. Gennifer Flowers (Missouri Delegation)
11:50 AM Mr. John Cullen (Rhode Island Delegation) Call Jason
12:05 PM Mr. Kent Heckenlively (California Delegation)
12:15 PM Mr. Charles Woods and Nick Noe (Oregon & Hawaii Delegations)
12:30 PM Lunch Recess (1 Hour)
1:30 PM Dr. Doug G. Frank, Ph.D. (Ohio Delegation)
1:45 PM Mr. Cliven Bundy (Nevada Delegation)
2:00 PM Mr. Ammon Bundy (Idaho Delegation)
2:15 PM Mr. Ryan Bundy (Nevada Delegation)
2:30 PM Mr. Donato Dalrymple (Florida Delegation)
2:50 PM Mr. Jose Basulto (Florida Delegation)
3:05 PM Mr. Cliff Kincaid (Maryland Delegation)
3:20 PM Ms. Rosine Ghawji (Tennessee Delegation)
3:35 PM Mr. Ty Clevenger, Esq. (Texas Delegation)
3:50 PM Mr. Larry Klayman, Esq. (Florida Delegation)
4:05 PM Mr. Jon Moseley, Esq. (Virginia Delegation)
4:20 PM Mr. Charles Ortel (New York Delegation) Call Jason
4:35 PM Mr. Jason Goodman (New York Delegation)
4:55 PM Question and Answer Period
5:10 End of First Day Session
(Order of speakers is subject to change)
Day 2: July 6 Session
9:00 AM Benediction and National Anthem
9:15 AM Mr. Larry Klayman, Esq. (Florida Delegation)
10:00 AM Ambassador Alan L. Keyes (Maryland Delegation)
10:30 AM Mr. John Vincent (Illinois Delegation)
10:45 AM Ms. Andrea Kaye (California Delegation)
11:00 AM Mr. Wayne Allyn Root (Nevada Delegation)
11:15 AM Mr. Andrew Teitleman (Pennsylvania Delegation)
11:30 AM Mr. Stan Casacio (Pennsylvania Delegation)
11:45 AM Mr. Simon Campbell (Pennsylvania Delegation)
12:00 PM Mr. Chris Kunkle (Pennsylvania Delegation)
12:15 PM Lunch Recess (1 Hour)
1:15 PM. Mr. Robert Petrone, Esq. (Pennsylvania Delegation)
1:30 PM Mr. Sam Malone (Texas Delegation)
1:45 PM Mr. Alan Nathan (Virginia Delegation)
2:00 PM Mr. Asher Anderson (California Delegation)
2:15 PM Ms. Jackie Robinson (Connecticut Delegation)
2:30 PM Mr. Mike Pendleton (Nevada Delegation)
2:45 PM Ms. Lorraine and Mr. Robert Silvetz MD (New York Delegation)
3:00 PM Ms. Melissa Isaak, Esq. (Alabama Delegation)
3:15 PM Mr. Siaka Massaquoi (California Delegation
3:30 PM Mr. Judah Friedman (California Delegation)
3:45 PM Mr. Ben Stein (California Delegation)
4:00 PM Mr. Charles Butler (Illinois Delegation)
4:15 PM to 5:00 PM - Discussion and Vote on New Declaration of Independence
(Order of speakers is subject to change)

May 17, 2021

Call to Independence and Renewal – Join Our Third Continental Congress in Philadelphia July 5-6, 2021 at Independence Hall!

Dear Fellow Patriots and Supporters:

The time has come, given the total leftist takeover if not stranglehold on the nation, to again declare independence from the despots and tyrants who now have seized, through fraudulent elections and other nefarious means, control our body politic. I write about this in my new book, “It Takes a Revolution: Forget the Scandal Industry!,” as with each passing day our freedoms and liberties, once taken for granted, are being extinguished.

Our Declaration of Independence, signed on or about July 4, 1776, in my birthplace and the birthplace of liberty, Philadelphia, at Independence Hall – the republic’s true hallowed ground – declares with these sacred words:

The majority of citizens in this country are no longer represented by those who claim to govern, and I mean both Democrats and Republicans, who like the money changers at the Temple in ancient Jerusalem spend their time and energy filling their own coffers and acquiring more power, but who forsake We the People for their own greedy and self-serving designs.

And, we are seeing the results today. The nation no longer has any functioning system of justice, our borders are left wide open to allow hordes of illegal aliens who will be permitted to vote, some of whom also carry deadly Covid-19 illness, into our midst. Hatred by radical blacks, radical Muslims, the radicals of Marxian Jewish left, radical feminists, radical LGBQTs, and atheists against the majority, people of faith and those who believe in the vision and creation of our Founding Fathers in particular, is used to divide the nation for political purposes. Then there is continued mass government surveillance which spy on hundreds of millions of our people like the German Gestapo, and our defenses domestic and from foreign adversaries who want to destroy us from within and without are dismantled and defunded. I can go on and on, but you know what I mean. We are now living in an increasingly Marxist atheist hell.

If We the People do not rise up now, all will remain lost under the rule of leftist dictators such as Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, who are far worse than what the colonies experienced during the reign of King George III. And, the so called opposition, the Republican Party is all but dead, having collapsed under its own corrupt weight – having even stabbed President Trump in the back as Brutus did Caesar in the Roman Senate.

If you are a true patriot and not a sunshine soldier, in the words of Thomas Paine, go to our website at and learn more about our Third Continental Congress and sign up to participate in a gathering of men and women of all races, colors, creeds and recognized peaceful religions, and get up off the couch, turn off Fox News and Newsmax – both charlatan conservative voices – and join us in actually saving the republic from certain extinction. The time has long since passed for words and cable entertainment at our expense! What we now need is action, real action!

You may also call or e-mail me directly to plan for this all important event! My personal cell phone is (561) 558-5336

These indeed are the times that try men’s souls. Now is the time to act not just for yourselves but for your children and grandchildren and their future generations before it is too late and all will be irreparably lost.

To further this Third Continental Congress, I seek your participation in Philadelphia this July 5th-6th, 2021. Contributions to Freedom Watch are greatly appreciated to further this important gathering of great patriots, in order to plan for the future and greatly increase our odds at fighting off the leftist virus that has plagued our great nation. Contribute at and lets get our boots on the ground and deliver the peaceful and legal revolution that will save our beloved republic.

Finally Fellow Patriot, we will surely be in further contact with you to see if you are available to participate in our call to immediate action at the Third Continental Congress at the Visitors’ Center at Independence Hall July 5-6, 2021.

I look forward to speaking with you.

Yours in Freedom With Gods’ Divine Providence,

Larry Klayman, Esq.
Chairman and General Counsel of Freedom Watch, Inc.

Founder of Judicial Watch and Freedom Watch

Join the Third Continental Congress in Philadelphia This July 5-6, 2021

Complimentary Ticket With Donation of $150:

$150 is for entry only. Lodging and travel are to be arranged by attendee. There will be a book signing of Larry Klayman's It Takes a Revolution at the event. Free book and T-shirt!

Veterans and students may enter free of charge.

NOTE: We reserve the right to refuse those who are deemed a security threat.

Students and Veterans: Register Here!

Students and veterans gain free admittance to the event. If you are not a student or veteran, please send a contribution of $150.

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